Our ambition is to be the leading research and education worplace in the field of Information science, specifically in the field of Mediamatics.  Mediamatics as a part of Information science is held by three pillars: creativity, critical thinking and the mastery of Information and Communication Technologies.

Research direction:

  • Methodology of research of the information space using structural recursion, which makes it possible to obtain an internal system information space consisting of the supposed subsystems of the internal environment.
  • Exploring multilevel critical thinking using the concept of Dianiology or philosophical scheme of knowledge of metaphysical definition of human limits of cognitive abilities and multiple levels of knowledge in relation to cognitive abilites.
  • The research of prevention and combating hate speech online (No Hate Speech).
  • Exploring the new interdisciplinary concept of a well-managed company (DSS, Good Governance) by following up on previous research and developing knowledge about DSS in the conditions of digital democracy (cyberdemocracy).
  • The research of knowledge management that seeks answers to challanging question on how to manage knowledge and how to succeed in a knowledge-based society and economy; includes sharing the knowledge through digital storytelling, discovering new knowledge in texts, competetive reporting and implementing knowledge management into practice.
  • Identification of competences specific to the knowledge society in the conditions of the Slovak Republic with regard to the history, culture and traditions of the Slovak Republic. Research of cultural and literary history focusing on the 19th century in terms of biography, lexicography and culture.