Currently we have an accredited study programme of mediamatics in the bachelor’s degree and in full-time form of study (we do not offer external form). However, the method of teaching is combined, i.e. some subjects will take the form of regular lectures and exercises during the 13 weeks of the semester (such as Logics or Statistical methods), some subjects require more practical skills and will take place in a workshop form, i.e. first comes intensive preparation within a few days and then independent work under the supervision of experts (e.g. Internet marketing, Graphics editors, Audiovisual creation).

Part of the study is also compulsory professional practical experience during three semesters in companies/organizations with which we have established cooperation.

In the first year of study, you can look forward to the following subjects, among others:

Graphics editors
A graphical product of high quality cannot be created without the perfect mastery of the editors designated for this purpose, under the guidance of an expert from the field you will receive valuable experience that will teach you to use it in the field.

Web development
That, who is not on the Internet today, is as if wasn’t at all. Therefore, in the first year of study we look at how to create a simple and professional-looking website, which can be a dignified place of presentation.

In the second year, the subjects that may pique your interest are:

Internet marketing
In addition to the necessary theoretical preparation, you will also take part in a simulated work environment at a marketing agency or try out your position as a freelancer for a real assignment for a real client.

Audiovisual creation
You will learn everything you need to know to create your own audiovisual work: from mastering technology, camera, composition, lighting, softwares to editing, subtitles, animations and export.

In the last year, in addition to the Bachelor’s thesis, you will be delighted by these subjects:

Information and knowledge management
A proper information professional cannot do without a thorough knowledge of everything that helps them working with information and knowledge.

Project management
Right from the start, you will test your theoretical knowledge in project management when carrying out an event where you will have the opportunity to improve your teamwork skills, profiling of and taking on different roles, distribution of work and competencies, managing conflicts, working under stressful conditions and sharing knowledge.

The whole curriculum (which subjects await you in individual semesters) looks like this:

1st year of study

winter semester:

  1. Foundations of Information Science
  2. Introduction into Mediamatics
  3. Algorithmic Thinking
  4. Graphics Editors
  5. Introduction to Economics


summer semester:

  1. Theory of Communication
  2. History of Culture and Art
  3. Statistical Methods
  4. Web Development
  5. Management
  6. Field practice (optional)

2nd year of study

winter semester

  1. Information and Communication Technologies
  2. Introduction to Psychology
  3. Data and Information Visualisation
  4. Selected Chapters of Aesthetics
  5. Marketing
  6. Professional Practice 1
  7. Web Application Development 1 (optional)


summer semester

  1. Knowledge Organisation
  2. The Culture of Linguistics
  3. Internet Marketing
  4. Audiovisual production
  5. Logics
  6. Professional Practice 2
  7. Web Application Development (optional)
  8. Videostreaming (optional)

3rd year of study

winter semester

  1. Information and Knowledge Management
  2. Introduction to Sociology
  3. Project Management
  4. Selected chapters of rhetoric and argumentation theory
  5. Seminar on thesis writing 1
  6. Professional Practice 3


summer semester

  1. Seminar on thesis writing 2
  2. Legislative Aspects of Mediamatics
  3. Human resources management
  4. The Bachelor’s thesis and its habilitation