Pavol Parenička


If you want to have a general cultural perspective, basic modern knowledge of the historical cultural development of mankind, creatively master creative writing, style procedures and language styles, simply so that the content side of your mediamatic outputs is formally and at an adequate stylistic level complemented by excellent linguistic and stylistic preparation, I will try and teach you just that. Specifically, these are subjects of cultural history, basics of ethics and aesthetics, biography, language culture, as well as writing final works, professional, science-popular and artistic reports and journalism.

In these areas, I have been working professionally in the top national cultural and memorial institutions since 1984 and I theoretically lecture at universities since 2002, during which time I have led 89 final theses of various types (bachelor’s, master’s, dissertation, rigorous, doctoral) and opposed hundreds of them. Together with my colleagues, I am ready to comprehensively educate you in all these theoretical subjects and in the final thesis. Come to Martin to the most famous, oldest, largest and most internationally accepted Slovak university, which within the newly established Institute of mediamatics will prepare you for practical life in today’s complicated postmodern and post-factual times!

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